By providing liquidity to the exchange, liquidity providers take the opposite position of all traders on the platform. The vault pays for trader profits and receives trader losses. In addition, it also receives trading fees, funding fee and liquidation profit of trades.

After clicking "Stake" button, users can input the amount of USDC to be staked. Note the liquidity is locked for 3 days before the withdraw is allowed.

After staking, the stake position will show up below. Your share balance is the USDC value of your position.

MyShareBalance=StakedValueTradersPnlMy Share Balance = Staked Value - Traders Pnl

Your USDC Reward is the USDC fees you earned by staking.

MyUSDCReward=MySharePercent(TradingFee+LiquidationReward)0.5My USDC Reward = My Share Percent * (Trading Fee + Liquidation Reward) * 0.5

You can click the "Unstake" button to withdraw your liquidity. If the utilization ratio is close to 100%, you might not be able to withdraw the liquidity until someone closes the trade position. This is to ensure the platform is always solvent. For the USDC reward, however, you can choose to "Claim" it or "Reinvest" back into the vault whenever you like.

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