Participate in Pika Protocol

Take leverage positions

Any trader who likes to take leveraged positions can long or short with Pika Exchange.

Earn fees from holding PIKA

Any person who likes to earn interests without exposing to the volatility can benefit from holding PIKA tokens to earn trading fees.

Use PIKA as a stablecoin

PIKA can also be minted to use as a stablecoin to transact or hedge the volatility.


Arbitrageurs can profit from:

  • arbitraging price difference among Pika Exchange and other exchanges.

  • arbitraging across different markets within Pika Exchange. For example, the price of PIKA from ETHUSD market and BTCUSD market could be different, and people can profit from minting from one market and burning in another market.

Earn fees from staking

Stakers can benefit by

  • staking underlying tokens of each trading market to back the Pika Exchange. In return stakers earn part of the trading fees.

  • staking LP tokens of PIKA and PKS to earn part of trading fees and PKS tokens.

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