Crypto, Forex and Commodity Trading

Trading Fees

BTC and ETH have 0.05% trading fees and other crypto pairs have 0.1% trading fees. The forex and commodity pairs have 0.012% trading fees because of its lower volatility.

Traders are offered the opportunity to receive up to a 50% discount on these fees. The discount amount is determined based on the trading volume over the past 30 days, as well as the number of PIKA tokens staked by the trader. This is outlined in the following fee structure::

Trading Hours

For crypto pairs, market is live 24/7.

For forex and commodity pairs, market is closed from Friday 4pm EDT to Sunday 5pm EDT, and closed on these holidays:

  • December 25th - 27th

  • January 1st - 3rd

Traders cannot close positions using the UI when the market is closed and if they close it via smart contract, a big slippage will be involved.

Stop Loss Orders

The stop loss orders for forex and commodity may not work if the market opens at a different price than the price it closed at last time it was open, which could results in unexpected liquidations or profit. Therefore, traders are recommended to be careful with keeping orders open when market is closed.

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